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Just like the awe of a beautiful sunset invokes you to stop and enjoy the moment, strategically placed and professionally installed illuminations in your landscaping can provide countless hours of enjoyment. 


Well placed lights highlight the architectural beauty of your home with up lights and down lights in trees, and lights strategically focused on your home and outlining walkways.

Lighting, however, is not only for aesthetic appeal.

Professionally installed lighting is essential to the safety of your family and your guests.

Lighting detours unwanted guests.

Lighting prevents unneeded falls and injuries.

Create an oasis with lights in your outdoor space.  You will not only increase the value of your home, but you will create a safe and beautiful environment to enjoy for years to come.

Say good bye to boring, in-your-face security lights, and say hello to the highlighted depth and dimension with all the functionality needed for safety and security.

Give Darin, at D'Root Landscape Design and Construction a call today at (254) 292-8697 or click the link below to get in touch.

2.0 D'Root Landscaping and Design .png
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